Just moved to area and need a dehumidifier for my garage where all our belongings are stored temporarily.
And other toddler items for girl or boy. In good condition please. Thanks.
Looking for a twin bed frame
I'm looking for a working DVR. Thank you.
Hi - looking for a small dresser and a full or queen size bed please for a student. thanks
Looking for the movie: The Ring If anyone wants to part w/ their copy =) I'd love to have it.
Need a small crate for a dog
Any girl toys for ages 5 and 12. Baby dolls, doll accessories, barbies
Looking for clothing juniors small size 3-5 and toddlers 5 shoes or boots size 6 adults and 10 toddlers
I recently purchased a 1980 honda project bike. I am a little over my head and could use a mentor or someone who knows what they are doing to help me get her on the road.
Looking for a hitch mount rack for a hoverround. one with a ramp. Please and ty in advance
I am a disabled Army veteran looking to get back on the road again. Unfortunately my back rim on my Cannondale road bike sustained some major damage. And I have not been able to ride it for some time now. Just checking to see if anyone has a spare rim.
Looking for outdoor decorations. Please make sure they work. I really want to surprise my daughter and grandchildren this year and decorate their new place. She is a single mom and does not have money for Christmas items this year. So please anything will help. Thank you in advance
In need of small or medium dresser. Thank you.
My car is nonoperational at the moment and I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to afford to fix it, so I'd love to get a bike! Most of the places I go are within a couple miles, and having a bike would let me pick up groceries a lot easier. Female, 5'7", so I'm not sure what size bike that requires, but I'm not picky. :) I'd like to find one within a few miles of where I live, so I can take a Lyf...
Looking for tennis gear
Need polyethylene foam sheet or panels in dimensions 24X32" or larger. Looking for enough to make 6 panels that size. 1/2 to 1" thick. This is the foam that looks like plastic and is nearly impossible to tear (it does not crumble like polystyrene foam). Any color acceptable. Thanks for looking.
Just learned sewing and would like to begin making clothes. Any and all spare fabric appreciated :)
I'm in serious need or a computer desk chair. If anyone has one or know where one can be acquired please let me know. Thank you!
I m a teacher, and my students sometimes jokingly refer to me as Miss Frizzle from Magic Schoolbus. I d like to bring that to life on Halloween! I am game to pick up, borrow, or pay for any one of these: A red wig A shirt with the planets or other natural scene on it Any image of a yellow school bus Anything like a steering wheel (and hey, the magic would make it real!) A lizard to wear on my s...
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